About Erry Day Life


Howdy folks and welcome to my blog about healthier living, Erry Day Life!

I was accidentally drawn into the world of blogging in 2016 by a co-worker who blogged as a side business. I thought, “Really? How the heck can someone make money from that?” From then on I was hooked on the possibility I could do it too.

I explored further and found people who blog about their life experiences, and it inspired me to share insights from my own personal journey.

Recently, I’ve been researching information about health and nutrition. I’m twenty-five years old, and constantly learning essential life skills every day.

My intention with this blog is to give valuable information about living a healthier life to anyone who might need help with the issues everyone faces. All of us should have the chance to better ourselves every day, and I can assist in creating that opportunity.

So now’s the part where you get to know me better!


I was born and raised in the north, but currently live in the south.

I was born and raised in New Jersey until I was twelve years old, and then I moved to Alabama. Most people react to that by asking if my family is in the military; however, personal family decisions actually led to the move.

I really enjoy both states, but my path led me to currently staying in Alabama. Who knows where the future will lead though!

I have two Bachelor’s degrees.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. It only took a year extra to obtain both degrees together, and I was already a semester ahead.

I’m really trying not to brag about that, but I think I deserve to brag a little bit because I worked my butt off and made two great achievements. Not everyone has the opportunity to go to college, so I’m very fortunate and humbled by this accomplishment.

I own the best/cutest dog EVER.

This sweet puppy is my baby Oliver, and he is a Boston Terrier. I know everyone believes their dog is the best and cutest dog, but come on. How can you look at that face and not believe it?!

He loves anyone and everyone including people, other dogs, and even cats. He also gives the best kisses and likes to get right up in the nose (it’s gross but loving in his own way).

I am a nerdy introvert.

From what I can tell quite a few bloggers are introverts. Most people do not know introversion and extroversion are mainly based on energy levels with social interaction. I still enjoy socializing with my friends and family, but I relish my alone time because it recharges my batteries.

Now when I say I’m a nerdy introvert, I mean it.

I like different interests people consider to be “nerdy” including Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and anything involving superheroes. I’ll stop there because it’s a much longer list.

I have a boyfriend who is the sweet to my sour.

*Disclaimer: You are about to read a very sappy paragraph!*

His name is Slade, and he absolutely is the sweet to my sour; the mac to my cheese; and the jelly to my peanut butter. I used the “sweet to my sour” example because he’s the positive one in the relationship.

He is my main support system and biggest fan, and I wouldn’t be blogging without him.

I have anxiety induced depression.

I’ve had issues with anxiety for as long as I can remember. It didn’t become a major problem until college and panic attacks appeared. Then depression followed shortly thereafter, and I finally had to take medication before I sank any lower.

Today I’m off medication and feel better most days, but I still have low points every so often. Diet change and exercise help so much, and I want to keep fighting with natural alternatives.

I am a vegetarian.

For years I struggled with this choice, but I finally pushed myself to do it this year. It basically came down to my views of ethics, nutrition, and the environment.

This was the solution for me to live the best life I can. I have no regrets and feel better than I have in years.


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