The First Step to Becoming Healthier: WATER?!

I know what you’re probably thinking. Isn’t it common sense the first step to becoming healthier is water? Just hear me out and read on before you make any judgments.

The first step I took in my journey to a healthier life was drinking water. And no I don’t mean drinking more water.

I am twenty-five years old, and at twenty-four years old I began to officially drink water for the first time. EVER. How is that possible?! 

Growing up I always heard drinking water was essential, but I was a very stubborn child. I actually hated the taste of water, and my parents never forced me to drink it. As long as I was getting enough fluids in my body, I was okay. Right? WRONG.

I hit my rock bottom drinking mostly caffeine and/or sugar filled beverages. Finally, I decided after my long absence to take the first real drink of water. I maintained I would drink only one glass a day as a start to get used to the taste of it.

Today I pretty much only drink water most days. Every once in awhile I’ll drink juice or soda if I’m dining out somewhere. In the span of a little over a year, I’ve completely changed my drinking habits. If I can do it, you most certainly can too.

Just try taking slow steps. If you actually like to drink water then it’ll be easy!

So now let’s talk about why we should drink water.

Water is undoubtedly the base for all life. Humans are primarily made up of water, so why do we drink anything else?

Drinks such as sodas, juices, and sports drinks (ex. Gatorade) provide very little nutritional value to our bodies. So why do we drink them? That’s an obvious answer. They taste good.

Even though these drinks may taste better, water has exponentially more benefits such as the following:

  • Keeping our bodies hydrated (probably the most important benefit)
  • Flushing out toxins in our bodies
  • Improving digestion, moods, and complexion
  • Providing more energy and weight loss
  • Supporting kidney health
  • Preventing headaches and hangovers

As we see from the examples listed above, there are no negative effects of drinking water, and those are only a few reasons. It’s simple when we think about it: drinking water helps our bodies in ways no other beverage can.

So next time you go out to eat consider getting a water instead of a coke. It only takes one cup of water to begin a healthier journey.


  • The benefits of water listed above were referenced from Lifehack.


The First Step to Becoming Healthier: WATER?!