Living with a Meat Eater When You’re a Vegetarian

I live in a house divided. Not in the same context as sports, but rather food.

My boyfriend, Slade, eats meat, but I’m a vegetarian. How do we live in peace? Almost seamlessly.

When I made the immense decision to no longer eat meat, he completely supported me. As long as I didn’t chastise him for continuing to eat meat of course.

Now we shop mostly in the organic section of the grocery store. I occasionally buy meatless food alternatives, and he tries them. He even buys organic food products he normally eats non-organic.

That doesn’t mean it’s not a struggle sometimes. It may or may not surprise you it’s more of an issue from my side than his.

I became a vegetarian to save animals, the environment, and my body in terms of nutrition. Those are the most common reasons people convert, and it is no exception for me.

I researched and found there were other ways humans could live without eating animal meat to survive. I knew in my heart I couldn’t let more animals suffer just to feed my appetite.

A lot of people don’t share this same philosophy, and Slade is one of them.

Slade was born and raised in a family of hunters, so his concept of killing animals is desensitized. He still loves and appreciates certain animals. He uses all of the animal carcass as a way of honoring it’s sacrifice.

But he knows I don’t believe there’s a humane way of hunting animals. It’s all inhumane slaughter in my eyes.

In the end, we agree to disagree on the issue, but we still support each other for our choices. He understands why I chose this path, and I accept he will probably always eat meat.

I value my relationship and the love we share. I don’t believe this disagreement is enough to ever separate us.

There will be times when problems arise as a result of differences in ethics and morals. As long as respect remains, we will solve them together.


Living with a Meat Eater When You're a Vegetarian