Seven Tips on Managing Anxiety While in a Relationship

I personally suffer from Anxiety and Depression, so this topic hits home for me. Managing anxiety is a struggle I deal with every single day. Throw a relationship into the mix, and sometimes life gets pretty complicated. I feel it’s imperative to constantly find ways to deal with it, so here are the tips and tricks I’ve learned for managing anxiety while in a relationship.


  1. Lean on your significant other for support
  2. Make sure your partner listens
  3. Enjoy new hobbies together
  4. Share cleaning responsibilities
  5. Motivate each other
  6. Learn to compromise
  7. Be with someone who helps calm your anxiety


Seven Tips on Managing Anxiety While in a Relationship

This may seem like an easy task, but in my experience it can be far from it. It’s hard to lean on my current boyfriend, Slade, for support sometimes. I haven’t had many supportive relationships in the past, but that’s no excuse. One crucial aspect of a successful relationship is supporting each other, especially through both good and bad times. Whether you’re having an anxiety attack or just need a push to accomplish every day activities, realize your significant other is always there to support you.


Communicate to your partner when you need them to listen to you. Slade has ADHD, so listening to me is difficult on a daily basis for him. Even so, he turns off all distractions and focuses his attention on me when I’m in desperate need for him to listen. He doesn’t talk until I’m through speaking and tries not to interrupt me. This is what an effective listener does. When you have anxiety, your mind constantly drums up more things to panic about, so make sure your partner knows when to sit down and listen.


Hobbies are great anxiety relievers. They temporarily get your mind off of your worries and often force you to relax (depending on the hobby). Since I’ve been on my journey to a healthier lifestyle, Slade and I have been trying new healthy hobbies to enjoy together such as working out and cooking healthier food. Another great hobby to do with your significant other is reading. Curl up in bed next to each other at the end of the night before bed and either read your own books or read a book together. Be open to trying new hobbies with your significant other because it can sooth your anxious mind and create more intimacy in your relationship.


If you live with your significant other, this can be a wonderful solution for several different problems. Putting unnecessary amounts of work on yourself leads to more anxiety. Take it from me. Often times, I find myself overwhelmed when it comes to cleaning. I take over cleaning duties so Slade doesn’t have to worry about it when he comes home from a long day at work. It’s so silly because I’m the one with anxiety yet I’m adding more unnecessary stress to myself. Slade hates it when I do this and reassures me he will always help me clean. If you’re doing all of the cleaning at your place, try to share cleaning responsibilities. If you don’t live with your significant other, then see if he or she will help you clean up your place a little bit here and there. You’ll be amazed at how much stress and anxiety it takes off.


Seven Tips on Managing Anxiety While in a Relationship

Motivate each other through simple and complex issues or tasks. That sounds pretty easy, but it’s also easy to lose motivation when certain problems become further complicated. Some days I refuse to go work out because I want to be lazy, but Slade motivates me to go anyway. This winds up making me feel better and eases some of my stress. Motivation shows signs of care and commitment for one another in the relationship.


Learning to compromise is one of the biggest issues in most relationships. One or both partners can be very stubborn and think the other one should give in to them. They don’t stop fighting until eventually one of them does and the one who gave in is left feeling rejected and upset. Occasionally, my anxiety will get the better of me, and I’ll throw tantrums until I get what I want. Recently, I’ve come to accept the art of compromising with Slade because it results in no fighting, both of us getting what we want, and less anxiety. Compromise with your partner and you’ll see better communication, a decrease in fighting, and greater overall happiness with each other.


*This is the most important tip.* Don’t waste your time trying to suppress your anxiety because your partner can’t handle it. That will end badly for both of you. You need to be with someone who calms your anxiety, not causes it. Examples include making you laugh when he or she knows you’re feeling uneasy or scared; keeping you focused on breathing during an attack; or even just accepting it. Slade knew about my anxiety and depression from the very beginning. He loves me for me despite these struggles and keeps me calm when I’m anxious. Be with someone who helps, accepts, and loves you for you.

Seven Tips on Managing Anxiety While in a Relationship

  • Let me know what you thought about these tips and whether or not you found them effective by leaving a comment below.


Seven Tips on Managing Anxiety While in a Relationship

2 thoughts on “Seven Tips on Managing Anxiety While in a Relationship

  1. Yes all so true and it’s SO important to try new hobbies together especially with depression, when you get into that “rut” feeling when you feel like you are doing the same things every day (or together every day doing the same things…) it can begin to feel toxic to your mental health.

    1. I definitely know what you mean Shannon! I’ve gotten into ruts before in relationships because it was the same routine every day. Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

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