Three Healthy Ways to Find YOUR Happiness


Happiness refers to either a state of being or an experience and means something different to everyone.

It doesn’t arrive in a magical bottle and takes a tremendous amount of time and energy to find. People often find it in unexpected ways, but it doesn’t seem to last for long.

I believe it can last. You just need to search the right places.


So how do you find it? I believe there are several key components.

Approach the concept with a positive, healthy mindset.

This requires a certain level of self awareness, which sounds harder than it is. First, open your eyes to see your problems and what’s making you unhappy. Then, figure out how to positively resolve these issues (one at a time) with your happiness in mind. Only your happiness matters right now.

I know I’m making this sound a lot easier than it actually is. This takes time and patience to master, and you might need help along the way.

Once you begin to open your mind up to happy solutions, you’ll feel the peace within.

Three Healthy Ways to Finding YOUR Happiness

Explore healthier eating habits.

Unhealthy eating habits eventually lead to unhappiness, even if it makes you feel happy momentarily. For example, binge eating a bag of Doritos tastes delicious at first, but later on you experience a stomachache. This is neither healthy nor happy for your body.

Give your body the nutrients it craves, and it will reward you. You’ll find your energy levels increasing as well as other improved changes you didn’t realize you were missing.

Eating healthier also provides a confidence boost. The healthier you eat, the better your body looks and feels. This also takes time and patience, but the end result is completely worth it. You’ll see your self image improve vastly. Most importantly, you will not want to binge eat bags of Doritos anymore. You will eat what makes you happy permanently.

Three Healthy Ways to Find YOUR Happiness

Surround yourself with healthy relationships. 

To me, this sounds easier said than done. Sometimes people turn out to be different than initially expected. They end up leaving you, and you’re left either feeling happy they’re gone or miserable for losing them.

The ones who love, understand, and communicate with you are the ones who will always stay. Love isn’t enough to keep a relationship going by itself. Lack of understanding and communication can lead to unhappiness within the relationship and eventually break it.

Also, do not enter relationships where you become overly dependent on the other person (or people). Co-dependent relationships are unhealthy and often result in emotional and financial abuse leaving one or both sides brokenhearted and alone in the end.

You need people who will be by your side and support you through both good and bad times. It doesn’t matter if it’s your family, friends, or significant other. Work on building loving, lasting relationships because they will play a significant role in your continued happiness.

Three Healthy Ways to Find YOUR Happiness


Three Healthy Ways to Find YOUR Happiness