Tales of a Recovering Junk Food Junkie

I’m a recovering junk food junkie.

Tales of a Recovering Junk Food Junkie

Struggling with anxiety and depression leaves me feeling stressed a majority of the time. Whenever I get too overwhelmed, I eat. Basically, I eat my feelings. I don’t just eat any kind of food though. I eat junk food.


Before I started my journey towards a healthier lifestyle, I used to binge eat junk food very frequently. How was this possible? Growing up, I stayed very thin. This was probably due to high metabolism, so it never really impacted me (or so I thought).

It also didn’t help that I was a little bit of a picky eater. Okay, I was a major picky eater. Seriously, my daily diet consisted of chicken fingers, mac n cheese, pizza, and french fries; however, the most important food group in my diet was chocolate.

I fell in love with chocolate at an early age. My mom still insists my first word was chocolate. True story. That’s how much I LOVE chocolate. I begged for any kind of chocolate treat whenever my mom went grocery shopping. I craved it every time I finished a meal. If the saying “you are what you eat” is true, then I was a delicious, rich piece of chocolate cake. It completely consumed me.

In addition to chocolate, I consumed lots of candy in my childhood. My favorites were Starbursts, Fun Dip, Mike & Ike’s, Necco Wafers, Pez, etc. I could go on listing at least ten or so more options. I think you get the point.

Eventually, I ate whatever junk food I could get my hands on. Donuts, cookies, cupcakes, cake, pastries, pies, ice cream. The list just goes on and on.

Tales of a Recovering Junk Food Junkie

I couldn’t stop, and I didn’t want to. I didn’t care if I got a tummy ache later. In the moment, it gave me a sense of security through it’s decadent taste, and there was no way I was going to end that feeling.


I stated earlier how I eat my feelings whenever I’m stressed. Well, college was definitely the most stressful part of my life up to that point.

After I started college, I began working in retail. If I wasn’t in class, I was at work and vice versa. I didn’t have too much of a social life outside of work and school. I barely had enough time for myself and the person I was dating.

Somehow I balanced it all and finally graduated in four and a half years! Yay! But one significant factor I didn’t balance was my diet. What a shock, right?

Why would I do any better in my early adulthood during college? It was my first time away from home making my own decisions, but my mindset on food didn’t change. I still wanted to eat the sugary food I craved because it didn’t have much of an impact on my body. I didn’t gain the so-called “freshman fifteen” or any weight for that matter. Tums alleviated my upset stomach on the rare occasion I needed it.

Additionally, I ate lots of fast food on and off campus. I tried grabbing a few healthier alternatives when I went grocery shopping every now and again, but it wasn’t enough. I continued blinding myself to the reality of the awfulness of what I consumed because I didn’t care about my health back then.

Tales of a Recovering Junk Food Junkie


After I graduated college, I remained working part-time in the retail store where I worked during college. I persisted in my full-time job search, but nothing happened for several months, so I needed a second source of income. Then, I started a second part-time job at a bank.

Sometimes I had to work very long days at both jobs. My stress levels were very high, and I resorted to my biggest vice: junk food. During this time, fast food reigned over all other foods. I ate McDonald’s, Lil’ Caesar’s, or Subway almost every day for lunch and dinner. Some days I didn’t have enough time to even eat fast food for dinner, so I ate candy (mostly Reese’s cups) on my fifteen minute break. This was my life every day for six months. 

My life changed quite a bit in the year after I initially started working at the bank. I left both part-time jobs; began a full-time job; raised a puppy; started a new relationship; and left the full-time job. In this span of time, I noticed different changes to my body I hadn’t previously paid attention to before. I gained weight, and my head and stomach seemed to always hurt. The worst part was my moods. I felt down and irritable a lot and almost on edge of breaking down entirely.

Tales of a Recovering Junk Food Junkie

Then, I finally broke. My unhappiness was my breaking point. I knew something had to give, but I still wasn’t sure where the root of the problem was coming from, let alone how to fix it.

One day, I was sitting on the couch at home cruising through Netflix. I saw a documentary called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and decided to watch it. It’s about a man who is very unhealthy and decides enough is enough. He goes on a journey to improve his health by partaking in a juice fast for 60 days. It was such an eye opening experience.

It became clear after I watched it that my problem was my health and eating habits. Now I didn’t go as extreme as he did with the juice fast. Instead I started my own healthier journey through different steps, and now I’m here.


Final question: Do I eat junk food anymore?

  • Answer: Yes, I occasionally indulge in junk food, but in moderation. I’m careful by trying not to overindulge and taking control over my mind, body, and emotions. I’m a vegetarian, and every day I research more healthy and natural alternatives to food I eat and products I use. I rarely have stomachaches or headaches anymore. Most importantly, I feel happy very often and thankful to share my experiences in the hopes other people will learn and grow from them.


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Tales of a Recovering Junk Food Junkie


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  1. Junk food is low energy food. Many people here in Alabama need to realize the health risks of eating fast food. Some of it is down right nasty! I tried a wonderful recipe this week.
    Go to Allrecipes.com and search for spaghetti squash l. You’ll love it. It’s vegetarian, but you can add your favorite meat to jazz it up if you like. It’s very European.

    Bon Appetit!
    Love, Momma Al

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